Marx’s Revolutionary Mole Emerged out of Taksim’s Uprooted Trees – A Revolutionary Situation in Turkey!

06.06.2013 | Sinan KARASU

In the eleven-year-rule of the neo-conservative AKP (Justice and Development Party of Erdogan), the molecular process of revolution went on and, in the last several years, accelerated due to his increasingly authoritarian rule, and with the mere “two uprooted trees” [in Gezi Park], as the bourgeois partisan media called, the pent-up anger exploded. AKP’s high-handed manner and prohibitive rule paved the way for a mass uprising. In fact, the true meaning of the demonstrations is the beginning of a mass uprising! The sociological characteristics of the millions of people in İstanbul and the other cities easily prove this fact. Henceforth there is no other force than itself to stop the mole!

Devamını Oku

Egypt – Islamist Revolution or Permanent Revolution?

10.12.2012 | Harun YILMAZ

Obviously the mobilization in Egypt (and in general, in the African continent) might lead to, for instance, a fundamentalist regime instead of a successful workers’ revolution. This as a prospect can hardly be denied. However this prospect can hardly be a reason to preach to slow down the movement, or halt the revolution, as the spokesmen of the imperialist powers maintained. The prospect is one thing, the reality is another. Socialists should take into account not only the prospects, but also the actual events taking place and the objective revolutionary role of the working class as the main dynamic of society. When the working class with its power coming from the production intervened in the revolutionary process, the red colour of the revolution will become clearer.

Devamını Oku

Mubarak goes, but his regime is intact – the Revolution has just started!

07.04.2011 | Sinan KARASU
In Egypt, the 30-year-old Mubarak regime collapsed like a house of cards thanks to the 18-day epic struggle of the masses. On February 11, more than 25 million people took on to the streets and Mubarak could not hold out any more. It took less than three weeks to overthrow one of the most powerful dictatorships in the Middle East by the mass movement from below. However, though Mubarak’s gone, his regime remained intact. The Egyptian workers and the poor masses by allowing a “transition” under the control of the army will have destroyed what they have heroically built. The working class should only rely on its own organization.

Devamını Oku

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